ReHEAT Asphalt Preheating Machine

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The Asphalt Preheating Machine heats the existing pavement via two on-board box furnaces. Both furnaces are fueled by clean burning propane gas and heat the road to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Re-HEAT technology utilizes forced air heating that heats up to 6” into the pavement potentially melting and repairing cracks beneath the asphalt surface before recycling begins.


Both rear and front axles are rigidly attached to the chassis.

Brake System

The braking system features both a parking and temporary brake that are hydraulically driven.

Frame Structure

The Asphalt Preheating Machine features a single, straight-­frame structure.

Travel Drive

The Asphalt Preheating Machine is equipped with one-hydrostatically driven axle. Travel speed can be infinitely varied from zero to maximum speed in both travel gear and operating gear. Switching from travel to operating gear is effected hydraulically.

Service & Training Authorized Service Facility

This equipment shall have a pre‐established authorized service facility with the ability to address any needs worldwide. Training: This equipment shall be accompanied by a training program that includes a full-­time trainer for a minimum of the first 30­‐days of operation.

Double Furnace Unit

Two radiant convection­‐heating units on the single frame structure heat and soften the damaged surface to be recycled. The heating unit includes a plurality of ceramic burner each housed within the fiber block.

Operator’s Platform & Control Elements

The operator’s platform is located atop the rear deck platform. The entire machine can be controlled from this main control panel.

Electrical System

The Asphalt Preheating Machine features a 12V electrical system with 12V alternator and 12V hydraulic system. This system includes comprehensive working lights and flashing beacon.


The Asphalt Preheating Machine is equipped with front and rear wheel steering and articulation. Both the front and rear axle can be moved independently for added control and safety.

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Asphalt Preheating Machine Specs

Key Figures
Working Width10-13'
Engine Power127 HP
Emissions Standards(US) Tier III
Operating Weight42,000 lbs
Number of Wheels4
Heating Performance1 million BTU x 2
Travel DriveHydrostatic Front/Rear
Heating System
Heating Capacity1 million BTU x 2
Heating ElementsRadiant-Convection
ManufacturerOhio CAT
Number of Cylinders4
Output127 HP
Engine Speed1,200 rpm
Operating Gear2-14ft/min
Travel Gear3 mph
Ground Clearance10"
Front Axle Load15,390 lbs
Rear Axle Load26,610 lbs
Own Wight42,000 lbs
Type of TiresFoam Filled
Tire Size425/65/R22.5
Filling Capacities
Fuel Tank100 gal.
Hydraulic Fluid Tank100 gal.
Gas (Propane) Tank850 gal.
Water Tank100 gal.
Electrical System12V
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions of machine
(L x W x H)
37' x 11'3" x 9'