Angelo Benedetti Inc.

Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling (HIPAR)

How Our HIPAR Process Works

Heat Existing Pavement

The road surface is softened with radiant convection heat.

Removing Top Layer

The rotary blade system dislodges the material for processing.

Adding Asphalt Emersion

Additives are injected to reconstitute the new asphalt.

On Board Plant

A heated mixing plant uniformly blends the additives with the asphalt.

Relaying Recycled Asphalt

The new asphalt is immediately placed to the correct slope and grade.


While still hot, the newly recycled asphalt is rolled to final compaction.

100% Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling (HIPAR) Benefits

HIPAR minimizes the demand on oil and aggregate which are non-renewable resources.

HIPAR provides access to billions of gallons of petroleum contained in the asphalt on existing roads and highways. In the U.S. alone, the existing 4 million miles of roadways hold a 270 billion gallon petroleum reserve.

HIPAR eliminates the dumping of old asphalt into the crowded landfills.

HIPAR uses a dual stage incineration system to protect air quality during operation, thus providing one of the cleanest forms of emission control.

HIPAR utilizes propane, which is a cleaner, more environmentally sensitive sources of energy.

HIPAR eliminates milling machines, asphalt plants, trucking, tack coat or shoulder restoration – Environmentally Priceless.

HIPAR has been proven to lower your carbon footprint by over 80% during construction.


save money, save time, save resources