ReHEAT Asphalt Recycling Machine

Green. Efficient. Revolutionary.

The Asphalt Recycling Machine reheats the damaged pavement surfaces to a workable temperature via a radiant convection heat source. Utilizing a series of contoured blades the asphalt is lifted and dislodged 2 inches into the pavement.

Immediately an asphalt emulsion is added and mixed in a heated on-­‐board plant. While the asphalt is still hot it is laid and compacted to the original grade all in a single pass.


The rear axle is designed as a full aloating tubular hydraulic-­wheel motor lift and the front axle is rigidly attached to the chassis.


The Asphalt Recycling Machine is equipped with front wheel steering and articulation. Both the front and rear of the machine can be moved independently for added control and safety.

Brake System

Braking is achieved by drag from the six-­wheel electric brake system.

Wheel Lifts

Wheel lifts are engaged with the wheels of the machine to provide vertical adjustment. The wheel lifts allow each wheel to be independently raised and lowered to a desired height, thereby altering the distance between the machine components and the asphalt surface.

Travel Drive

The Asphalt Recycling Machine is equipped with two hydrostatically driven axles. The travel speed can be infinitely varied from zero to maximum speed in both operating gear and travel gear. Switching from travel gear to operating gear is effected hydraulically.

Frame Structure

The Asphalt Recycling Machine includes a airst frame member having a tapered end and connected to a second frame structure having a tapered end. The tapered frame design and articulating pin connection allows the Asphalt Recycling Machine to operate around curved and cornered surfaces.

Heating the Surface Course

A radiant convection-­heating unit on the first frame structure heats and softens the damaged surface to be recycled. The heating unit includes a plurality of ceramic burners each housed within the aiber block. The burners are fueled by a liquid propane tank housed on the machine and utilize 50/50 fuel to air ratio.

Scarifying the Pavement Layer

The softened pavement is scarified by the rotating shafts, which are equipped with cutting tools, and is then augured into the machine by the associated scraper blades. The working width can be continuously adjusted hydrostatically.

Mixing in the Admixture

An on­‐board asphalt plant on the Asphalt Recycling Machine receives and reconditions the reclaimed asphalt with the admixture. The on-­board mixer plant includes trommel to separate usable reclaimed asphalt from unusable reclaimed asphalt.

Placing the Recycled Mixture

The recycled asphalt is discharged from the on-­board plant and spread by a height‐adjustable spreading auger prior to be placed true to grade and slope and pre-­compacted by the paving screed.

Operator’s Platform & Control Elements

The operator’s platform is located at the rear of the Asphalt Recycling Machine on both the right and left sides. Multiple control panels can be operated from both left and right.

Electrical System

12V electrical system with 12V alternator and 12V hydraulically drive AC generator and comprehensive working lights including flashing beacon.

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Asphalt Recycling Machine Specs

Key Figures
Working Width10'-15'
Working Depth2 in.
Engine Power540 HP
Emission Standards(US) Tier III
Operating Weight105k lbs.
Number of Wheels6
Heating Performance1 mil. BTU
Travel TimeHydraulic/ Front Wheel
Working Depth0-2"
Center Mill / Scarifying Unit
Number of Scarifying Tools200
Drum Diameter with Tools200
Vibratory DriveHydraulic
Working Width10'
Heating System
Heating Capacity16,692 BTU
Heating ElementsRadiant Convection Furnace
TypeC15 Tier III
Number of Cylinders6
Output540 HP
Engine Speed1400 rpm
Displacement15.2 L
Operating Gear0-15 ft/min
Travel Gear3 mph
Theoretical Grade90%
Ground Clearance10"
Front Axle Load18,000 lbs
Second Row Tires24,500 lbs
Third Row Tires24,500 lbs
Own Weight67,000 lbs
Type of Tires2 Foam Filled / 4 Air Filled
Tire Size, Foam (Front)445/65/R22.5
Tire Size, Air (Rear)445/65/R22.5
Filling Capacities
Fuel Tank150 gal
Hydraulic Fluid Tank280 gal
Emulsion500 gal
Gas (Propane) Tank250 gal
Water Tank50 gal
Receiving Hopper5 ton
Electric System12V
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions of Machine (LxWxH)42' x 10' x 9'