Phoenix Asphalt ­Recycling Machine

Environmental. Logical. Pioneering.

The Asphalt Heater-Recycling machine heats the damaged pavement surfaces to a workable temperature via a single radiant convection heat source. Utilizing a series of contoured recyclers, and a paddle mill, the asphalt is lifted and dislodged from the pavement.

Immediately an asphalt rejuvenator is added and mixed with the recycled material. The combined mixes are re‐laid as one and compacted to the original grade all in a single pass, producing a final driving surface.

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Phoenix Asphalt Heater-­Recycling Machine

Key Figures
Working Width8'-13'
Working Depth1"-3"
Engine Power440 HP
Operating Weight48,000 lbs.
Number of Wheels4
Travel DriveFour Wheel Drive
Recycling Unit
Adjustable Recycling Tools8'-13'
Paving ScreedHeated Vibratory Screed
Hydrostatic DriveElectric/Hydraulic
Heating System
Heating Capacity1 million BTU
Heating SystemRadiant Convention Furnace
TypeC13 Tier III
Number of Cylinders6
Type of Tire4 Foam Filled
Tire Size445/65/R22.5
Filling Capacities
Fuel Tank110 gal.
Hydraulic Fluid Tank300 gal.
Rejuvenator Tank250 gal. x 2
Gas (Propane) Tank250 gal.
Electrical System12V
Safety PackageLights, Flashers, Back-up Alarm, Horn
Electric Rejuvenator ControlAdjustable Application Rate: .01/ sq. yd +/-
Shipping Dimensions
Approximate Dimensions of Machine
39' x 12' x 10'6"