Phoenix Asphalt Road Heater Machine

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The Phoenix line of equipment was specifically designed for use on projects where the ReHEAT equipment cannot perform. Its proprietary direct feed loading system allows for a much smaller, lighter and more efficient asphalt recycling system.

Due to the smaller overall footprint of the Phoenix equipment, it is the only equipment capable of recycling areas that could never have been done before…private roads, alleys, larger parking areas and much more.

The Asphalt Preheating Machine pre-heats the existing pavement via two on-board box furnaces. Both furnaces are fueled by clean burning propane gas and heat the road to up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Phoenix technology utilizes radiant convection heating that penetrates up to 6” into the pavement, potentially melting and repairing cracks beneath the asphalt surface, before recycling begins.

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Phoenix Asphalt Road Heater Machine Specs

Key Figures
Working Width8'-13'
Engine Power127 HP
Operating Weight26,000 lbs.
Number of Wheels4
Travel DriveHydrostatic Front/Rear
Heating System
Heating Capacity1 million BTU x 2
Heating ElementsRadiant Convection Furnace
TypeC4.4 Tier III
Number of Cylinders4
Type of Tire4 - Foam Filled
Tire Size425/65/R22.5
Filling Capacities
Fuel Tank75 gal.
Hydraulic Fluid Tank100 gal.
Gas (Propane) Tank1000 gal.
Water Tank100 gal.
Electrical System12V
Safety PackageLights, Flashers, Back-up Alarm, Horn
Dimensions of Machine
(L x W x H)
35' x 12' x 10' 6"